Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Competiion in Ossendrecht on sunday

I didn't have a sure place in competition, so I had to wait and see too the last minute, if there is room for me. And yes, I could shoot. It was raining a little during the day, but it did not effect the feeling or the shooting. First half I shooted 144 points, with two times 7 points and two times 11 points. We weren't counting X=6. The first 7 point came from the 60cm/40m target. My marks was not waterproof (not sure), so in the first arrow I tooked too much mark, and it went up 2. The second arrow the high was good, but then left 2. And third somewhere in 3.. Some targets later I noticed that I had to change my arrowrest. So I changed it and two next targets were good, but the next one was 15m bunny... Because of the new arrowrest the first arrow went up, and I missed the first target. After that I was not sure about my marks so I shot 3 and 4... 7 points to that. Also the next target went bad, cause I was wondering my marks.. 11 points. But after that was 5m bunny. I shooted there all 15 points. It gave me back the right feeling and the second half I shooted 160 points. So I ended to 304 points. That was enough to won the competition.
I'm happy to the points, cause I used the Sirius riser first time in the competition. Also had some problems with the arrowrest and marks were little bit off.
Results here . And some pictures.

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