Monday, June 16, 2008

Fita (Barebow) Tampere 14.6

It was nice weather all day and there was little wind. I shooted all day to the left. Don't know why, maybe cause I didn't stand middle of the target. Or the bow was not really good tuned, who knows :). In 70m I had very good aiming point, cause the windflags was middle of the target, so I expected over 300 score. But all the arrows were in the left 7-9, and tryed to get them middle, not today :), score 280. Then straight to 60m. It didn't start well. Mark was little off and very poor start.. To the end I got some better scores, but the score stayd to 280.. 50m was little better, but still the arrows stayed left, I tryed everything, but then the group moved to right same place... 285 there. 30m was the best, 325. I don't mean the score, but shooting was also better, maybe cause there was three distancies to practice shooting, and the tuffiest National record was also in 30m. Had to focus more to get that also... I was quite happy to broke all 5 Barebow Fita record. Fita score was 1171 :)

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