Monday, July 7, 2008

Karhukisa Pori 6.7

It was 1.45h drive to Pori from Virrat.. Weather in Pori was better than normal, during the competitions there :). Sun was shining and little wind. My goal was shoot close to the finnish record, what is 638/50m(Barebow). The warming period was not fine, arrows flyed everywhere.. I noticed that the arrows does not fly good in the wind.. usually the group was like from left 8 to right eight, and the the score was like around 50(6arrows). So too many eights and sevens, and the final score was 625, I'm happy to that, it was my first 70m competition, and it was little windy.
In the finals(semifinals), 12arrows 6+6, Olavi Laurila put me in the hard place. He was leading with 4 point after 6 arrows.. 53-49, but in the second half he did not shoot that good, and I won points 102-97 :). Then in the final, the weather was calm and the arrows flew very good. I made the a new finnish record 109 (56+53). Results here.

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