Monday, December 15, 2008

152 arrows outside ;)

It was nice day yesterday, so I disided to go outside to shoot. Sun was shining a little, and it was like +5, no wind. I shooted 50m to 122cm target, all of my arrows at time (14). The bow was little bit of tuned, but usually atleast 10 of 14 hitted the yellow. I was very happy to that, cause I haven't shot to the target in week. Today again I'm gonna pull the empty bow, cause it seems that it has helped to keep the draw strength. It was so easy to shoot the 14 arrows, except the few last serials, they were really hard, but good practice :).

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My name is Coco and I live in Zoersel(I hear you think,where is Zoersel for crying out loud !!!). It's about 3 km from Oostmalle and there we have a common friend : Dirk Van Den Bempt !! I just wanted to say hello !!!
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