Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shooting this week and some volleyball

We had a volleyball game yesterday evening, it was my last before the next season. So they had a bottle of Viru Valge with them, cause they didn't find any Finlandia Vodka anywere. Very nice of them. I have never ever found peope like that in Finland, I like them a lot :).
Its very different here than in Finland, people come to kiss U and all, its very weard in Finland..

So thank U guys, I will bring some finnish spirits back, when I come back :)

I was shooting today, just checked that marks were okey, only 100 arrow... not shooting tomorrow.
They have a double competition in the practice field on weekend, so the practice field is full of caravans...
On Saturday and Sunday, the 5 Nations competition in France...

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