Monday, June 15, 2009

Competition Tampere 70m

It was perfect weather in Tampere, no wind, like +20 and it was clowdy. I was little late for the competition, I had just time to shoot 2x6 arrows for warming up. First 5 arrows were left, like in 7-8, and the last was in the middle. Second 6 was also little left, so I tuned plunger couple rounds. After that and some string lining and some lining of feets I started to hit the yellow. I usually shoot better in the competitions, "more" time to shoot and I'm making all the things just more sharper :). Score 647, and a new finnish record in the Barebow class (50m/122cm), old one 638 was from year 2001 :). Now good to go forward to the World Games..

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