Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Still something else

I was just golfing last week. Tooked a couple of practice rounds and on Saturday I had a competition, where I golfed quite well. I did a 31 (par 36) points during the round with a couple of birdies. Best hole was nr. 9, where I opened with my driver about 310m. So it left me like 60m shot to the green. After the shot it leaved me like 3m put to the hole, and I did it :).

Lets C witch point back to the archery, not yet.


timppa said...

Ei muuta kuin PGA kiertueelle, Golfissa tienaa paljon paremmin kuin jousiammunnassa.... :)

The Pasi said...

Jep jep, täytyy alkaa treenaa :). Täytynee sijoittaa ensvuoden alusta paikalliseen golf osakkeeseen, jos ei töitä löydy..