Wednesday, January 6, 2010

25m Competition

Nice competition, got a score 551. That was more than I ordered, so have to be happy.
Now I start to shoot to field targets. Exept the couple competition with Dirk ;).


dirk said...

yeah loocking forward to the couple shoot pasi !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Pasi, I am learning myself barebow shooting (stringwalking), but I am not sure, if I should learn shooting form according olympic manuals (I have no others barebow archers nor coach in my region - only a few Oly shooters). I have problems with reach anchor point on my face (e.g. my index finger tip to mouth corner), I am not able touch my nose with string.It is something with my draw shoulder and scapula. Would you by so willing share some of your experiences in this specific topics? I am your big Fan, I love barebow and my desire is to be succesfull and promote this kind of bow shooting in my region - region in Czech Republic, my country. If yes, can you send me message here:
If not, nothing happens, I will stay your fan henceforward a I will find treatment somewhere;o)
Best Regards