Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lots of happening

Newspaper story in Ilkka of the training session in Teuva.. Only in Finnish, sorry :).

Last weekend I was shooting in Espoo some 60 arrows + finals competition. Hole day the shooting was forsing to shoot. There was like 2 or 3 really relaxed shot. I think it's the 10 face target that makes this so hard. Next weekend we have the finnish national indoor championships in Oulu, and I have lot to do if want to win it. The bow works very good, so it's all up from the head. Have to shoot little quicker and more relaxed, then the arrows finds the yellow.

In two week going with Timo to shoot 5 Nations field in Lier, Belgium, then I'm relaxed. Shooting to right targets, the yellow black field targets :))))))

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