Sunday, May 1, 2011

Field shooting

Went yesterday to Hoods field track, and when I got there it started to rain hiles. Went to the Hoods teepee to cover and had to wait like 15min to the end of the hile rain. During the rain I put some new targets.
Took my measuringtape and looked the new distancies, because I have changed my string to Flamish string and the distancies was like half - one stitch off. Also I have changed my field plunger from Cartel to Easton and also the measuring was little different than before. Now that is okey too. But I will C in Siegburg that are they okey, because it's allways a bit different in the competitions that in practise.
Today to shoot our clubs flat field 60m. That is over distance for the field, but in that distance I can C my faults more easily. No place for errors to hit the yellow, full draw :)


timppa said...

" field plunger from Cartel to Easton"

Easton plunger?

The Pasi said...

Thanks, I was thinking Beiter, but wrote something else I see ;)...