Tuesday, April 16, 2013

5Nations Lier

Great weekend with great archery friends :).
Had a blasting two days with family of Dirk and shooting 5 Nations field in Lier.

First day was very cold all day, so hade like 3 shirts and jacket on all day.
Have to have cloves also. It almost snowed there.
But shooting was quite ok, even made some big mistakes on the targets.
First day 317..
Second day was much better weather and the shooting was also better after I woke up after 3-4 targets..
Specially the aiming started to work again, so had many good groups and many 15-16-17 points targets.
Worse was 1 point target number 3 blue.. like 44m and started with white miss, the more distance and
same place white, more mark and same place 1..
But ended the day to 15m bunny with 6, 5, 5 :).

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