Monday, February 22, 2010

Saturday, the couple shooting

We were trying to find the place in Netherland, but the Tom Tom wanted to us go somewhere else?!? They have changed so many road near Eindhoven, so the GPS couldn't follow the real world..
But after we found the place, everybody else were waiting for us. But we made it just in time :).
Shooting was not so good, like in practice. Maybe the change of arrow rest was too mutch for the X7 arrow. But one time I shot full 30 points, even our opponets thought that I was shooting with compound and got only 9,9,9, but we said that no, I was shooting with Barebow those BIG arrows, and the score is 10, 10, 1o ;).
But even I wasn't happy to my shooting, we had fun and we were better than last year :).

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DIRK said...

ok pasi next year we are going for the first categorie !!!!!!!
it was big fun amigo :D