Monday, February 15, 2010


The good weather didn't last long. Now its has been cold again and also snowing here. So shooting inside. I started to shoot with 10 arrows. First three to the three spot and other to 60cm target. So in the same time have to really focus for the three first arrows and then the rest of arrows just shooting more relaxed. Normally all arrows stayed in yellow :). Counting points from the spot target... After 110 arrows changed to X7 arrows and shot to the spot. Shot 30 arrows score with those also. It was better than with ACE's. After that I put 40cm Soma field target (waterproof). It has 4times the target and its made from somekind of fabric or so.. Shot (ace) to those from 15-20m, rest of the 260 arrows.
Very good day.

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