Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Practice on Saturday and competition on Sunday in Germany

Boys came from Finland (Timo And Riku), for competition in Germany, Siegburg.
Saturday we were shooting in my club in Rumst. Very nice weather, like +20 and sun was shining.
Sunday wes even better, like +25 in Siegburg. Very tuff field in there, lots of deep angles of up and down. Score 303 says that not enough practice on up and downs.
We liked the field veeery mutch, promesed to go the next year also.

Timo tooked some pictures of that trip.


timppa said...

Thanks Pasi for the great weekend.
I am already practising for the next years Siegburg Field.

Anonymous said...

I´m glad you liked it in Siegburg!
See You in Altenkirchen.

Cheers Peter