Sunday, May 9, 2010

New arrows

I got new arrows on Thursday, thanks to FatArchery again :). I knew that there was something else wrong than the man. I just got too old arrows, now complete different grouping than with the old ones..
Started today with 12 bare safted arrows. Got 11 of them to nice group from 18m. One was flying more to the left (stiffer) than the others, why? Well, no wonder the point was in the wrong end. And ACE is stiffer if you put the point to the other end. So chanced that to the same end than the others and it started to work :). After that fletched 3 arrows and shot 3 fletched arrows and 3 bare arrows. Arrows seemed to be little stiff, with the stiff plunger test, so turned one round more pounds to the bow. Now got all arrows to the same group. After that started to shoot nice groups to the yellow in every distance ;). So no need to tune the Beiter plunger. Should have bought the new arrows little bit earlier. Also I got a new strings that Riku made me, and that was working also very nice..
But no worries, next weekend very nice competition on Altenkirchener and the seasons main goal is in July in Hungary..

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