Friday, June 18, 2010

Cadier en Keer

It was raining first 6 targets or so, so the mood for shooting was not the best. But after the rain stopped it was very nice weather to shoot, even my shooting was not so good in the first or the second day till target 17. The arrows just couldn't hit the yellow, all 15m or longer targets the arrows just went all over the target.. Second day after 17 target I found my problem. The release was not in the right direction, it was like forward and sideways, but not back, where it should be..
After figure that out the last 7 targets were really good, like 40m/60cm (15p) couple 30m/60cm (16-17p) and so.
After that also the training has been very good and the aiming has been more easier than before.
Now 3 weeks to go before Hungary. Now it's looking good and I'm more confident about my shooting :).
Today 204 arrows, and maybe moore..

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