Wednesday, June 2, 2010

+24 in Rumst

Nice afternoon for training, like +24 and little wind. Some point shot without shirt, hope that nobody saw me :). Started to check every distance that they were grouping. Put the 80cm target and started from 30 to 50m by 2,5m steps.. Those were pritty okey. Then I had also 60cm target next to it and shot from 15m to 40m.. Went back to 30m/80cm to check the grouping, and notised that all the arrows was all over the X. Changed the string hight up and down, nothing worked?!?
Then tooked a stiff plunger and 3 normal arrow and naked arrow. Even then those 3 arrows didn't group from 18m, and the naked arrow was one ring to the left. So, just tuned the riser half round stiffer. After that the normal arrows started to group, but still the naked arrow in left. So another half round more and the naked arrow started to be next to the normal arrows. So changed back the normal plunger, and the grouping from all distancies was mutch better...
224 arrows with tuning. (2,5h) + 45min of rollerskating after the shooting :).
And also changed during the tuning the arrowrest and the nocking point little higher,
but all the marks stayed the same..

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