Friday, August 20, 2010


During the weekend we had the best Archery finals in the finnish history. We were shooting middle of the town Espoo in Tapiola the field finals. The local club Robin Hood were made tuff job to brought the archery in the town. The 8 final targets were safe and all the people could see them :). Here is some pictures about that first from Hood then some pic from my sponsor Sami.
Really we had some awsome time in the finals.. I was little scared when Markku was leading after the first 20m target with 2 points.. After second targed I took the lead from the 10m bunny with 1 point.. Then 40m I did 6,4,4 and Markku counl'd follow, and I had a easy job in the final target (50m) to make also 6,4,4 and win the gold medal :)

But, still have to say that the Robin Hood club made a were nice jos to take the field archery to the town to everybody to see :)

Now next ompetition 900 round in finland and then concentrate to the F2F ;)

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