Sunday, October 31, 2010

Competition in Kurikka

First competition in this indoor season in Finland and the hopes was little better about the score than I got. Goal was like 560, like I have shot this week in the practices. But like many other times the real score started with 53. Shooting starts was nice, but in some point just the arrows started again go around. And in the first half end I miss the 5ring target complitely. Strugling little bit with the lights, cause in the hall the light was not enough, it was little dark.
We had also the F2F elimination rounds and it started also very badly, I was allready after two ends 4-0 losing, but then I started to shoot good again, took the three next round and won the set 6 - 4. Started the next set very good leading 2-0 and the next two arrows was in ten, but then put the normal 8.. and lots the game.. Also lost then the set 2-6.. but have to be happy to shoot two matches and took some point from the winner :).
I was shooting in the recurve class and my final position was 8th from 17 shooters.
Next week next competition in Turku, hope to shoot better there and tease more the recurve shooters ;=).

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