Monday, September 19, 2011

European Championships in Italy

So... the main goal in this year is over, with nice results. With the team we won silver medal and in individual class I was inside 8, what was very good result in that kind of weather. We had all week and everyday the temperature like near +40.
I started the tuesday unknown targets with a unsure fealing, that what is going to happend. But after couple targets I was going in the right direction. From that day 345 points and 5th place.
Second day we had given distancies and I had a better feeling, that the shooting was going to bee better. But I think because of the heat like that and some unsure fealing to my shooting the days score was 314 and drop to the 6th place.
To Wednesdays shooting found little better style to shoot and the scores rised up from yesterday.
Was a tuff morning for all, because from the top group dropped out 2 shooters. So went to the next round with 157 point. Afternoon I think that heat was in the top point of the week and It was too much for me, I think that I melted and just couln't shoot normaly anymore. So after that day 8th place, and I'm happy to that.
Friday then the team finals. We started from the 4th place and shot against Austria. We had 8 tuff targets, but we managed to put specially to the 20cm targes very good point, so that we won that match. Next we shot agains Italy, that we had dropped out from the gold medal also year ago in Hungary, so we had a good fealing again of this match. It was only 4 targets and after 3 targets we were level. We started the last 20cm target and put the pressure to Italian with 16 nice point :). they couln't take it and we won.
In the team finals I melted again, like in many other earlier days, and couln't managed to shoot good arrows again. So Germany won by one point..

Happy to last week, Silver and 8th place.
Allready I have a hunger to go and shoot the next year WC, and beat everybody :=)


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and you'll win :)

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