Monday, May 7, 2012


Went shoot yesterday my frist 3D competition. It was unknown distancies 28 targets with 2 arrows.. It was really difficult without training to figure out the distancies.. But still it was very nice track and very good training for look the distancies trough the ground.. I had lots of fun even missing complitely 4 targets. All the short ones also guessed to close, but some far away animals were pritty good. Like standing bear in 57/45 yard or so.. Shot first one straight in the small circle, 10 points and secont to 8. The max is 20 points per animal..
Not many points like 278/560...but had fun and it was a good training :).


Anonymous said...

I tried 3D first time last spring. Before that I refused to shoot at the animal targets but I changed my mind and consider this kind of the targets like some piece of the foam, not animal. All that for my "antihunters" passion. I was very surprice in the end, because I suffered by target panic little bit and animals zone are not yellow - very comfortable shooting. You are right, Pasi, very good for estimating distances.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

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