Wednesday, May 2, 2012

First field this year

Weather was better that couple weeks before the competition, in the morning it was little clowdy, but in the afternoon the sun was shining a little, so no need to keep the jacket on then..
The competition started with 12 unknown targets and I was first 8 targets like frozen from the long winter. So it took some time to use to shoot outside and in the woods, because no chance to practice in the wood before competition. So in that 8 targets made lots of misstakes like shot wrong target at 5m bunny :(..
But after warm up the shooting started to work and got 166 point to unknown round. Second round in the known targets the shooting was working good. Couple targets 11 points, 50m/80cm and 40m/60, but the others was like average 15points, very good known round 170 points :).

So togethers 166 + 170 = 336 and with one 5 point miss... Very good start of the season with almost no
field practice and with the weather like that..

Going for Germany to shoot Altenkirchen on 12-13.5.2012. There's gonna be some very nice targets,
 up and down. 


Anonymous said...

Good result, good luck for germany Field

Carlo Cogo

Unknown said...

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