Saturday, February 13, 2016

Gold final tomorrow

Yes, yes, yes.
Tuff day today. up at 6.30am and drive to Tampere Messukeskus. Around 9 everything ready at the shooting place. Then just waiting for a warmup to start..around 10.15. Warming was not good, but when the competition started, the arrow founded yellow and nice points.. Shot some point some nice 4 and 6, but still half way some 3 point behind the lead.. Second half was not as good that the first, but I could keep the second place. So again after basic round some 1,5h waiting. Some warm up arrows before first semifinal. Tuff won with 6-0 (26-25, 26-25, 26-25). Semifinal I won 6-2, with a lost in first set 28-29. Just keps my head cool and won 3 next set :).
So tomorrow at GOLD match against Timo Leskinen.
It's a rematch from last year ;)
Now some food and sleep.
Tomorrow starts at 10.20, but tv shows it starting at 10.25. Finnish tv YLE2..

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