Saturday, May 7, 2016

2D, 28 target animal round in Keuruu

Finally some nice weather to shoot in practice and also today at competition. I had only 50km from Virrat to drive to the competiton. in the way all of the lakes were calm and I wanted to take some photos of them, but let my camera/phone at Virrat. But I managed to be one day out of the phone ;).

At the field lots of small targets and many targets at maximum distancies. So very tuff animal round. All distancies were unknown and I only missed one squirrel. It was from 12meter and it was too quick and small ;). Or I just didn't want to hit it.. Shot with the Dragon vanes today and they worked nice. Had a nice day in the woods and got 480 points, I guess that's a nice score with barebow and those distancies..
Some pics when I get them..

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