Monday, May 2, 2016

5Nations, Vertus, France

Nice two days competition in Vertus, France, The competition was in a new place for me. They changed the place because the major of the city said that the old place was too dangerous. That was much harder and nicer, but this new place was okey too. First day they promised some rain, but the weather stayed dry.
First day and first competition of the year, so lots of mistakes. But feeling was nice and it was fun to shoot again the field. End of the day got 326 points.
Second day was much windier and colder than the first, but I just put enough clothers so that was not a problem. Started 6 first target with 89 points, witch is very good score. After that the aiming panic hit me a bit, so next 6 was only 69 points.. Like a miss in a 15m/20cm target. End was little bit of strugling, but managed to get 322 points, what was enough for the first place.
They always have a nice prises like now :)..
Had a two days fun and saw all the archery friend again after two years..

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