Friday, February 8, 2008

First Field Competiton

The Field season started early this year, 12th and 13th of january in Oedenrode, Netherland. Place was about 150km from Brussels. The saturday morning was little bit rainy, but the rain stopped after we got to the field. Weather was about +4, so it was very good idea to take with me thick gloves. Without those, the first days score (341) would not be possible. This competition was the first where the inner X was counted as 6. Whithout the X=6, the score would had been 319.
My marks, bow and arrows have not been changed from the last year, so it was quite easy to go to the competition. First two target was a little bit difficult, cause I haven't have shot field since september in Lier, Belgium Open. But after I got some bunnies shooted, it feld much easier. I got some difficulties to "measure" some distancies, so those targets were about 12-13 point only. Now it's easy say "only", cause the maximum score is 18point. 6points from maximum is quite alot. I shot two times 18 point to the cooking plates (40cm) ;).

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