Friday, February 29, 2008

Practicing last day of february

The place where I go to practice is in Rumst. So if someone have the Google Earth, you can actually see the target in there. The cordinates are 51° 5'0.00"N and 4°25'53.00"E. It has been okey weather this week, so I have been shooting there three times this week. Today I notised that my motivation was not the best, arrows went all over the targets... Also I noticed that my marks were different than before. It was because I turned a little bit more power to the limbs. Now I can shoot about 55 meters under the knock. Still all the distances stayed in yellow, and arrows worked fine. My feathers are so twisted, that some of them should be changed... But still the K-Wines works fine, but maybe some of them should be changed. Lets see, if during the weekend I have motivation to change them ;).

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