Monday, May 19, 2008

237 arrows

It was little difficult to find motivation to todays shooting... In 50m there was 122cm target, so I started to shoot that. After while I shooted 2*36 arrows "competition", results 329 and 330. Then just shooting the field targets. I invented a "game" for me, maybe someone is allready using it, but anyway..... I had 8 arrows... I started to shoot the shortist distance to 80cm, 30m. If I got the first arrow to the yellow I moved 5m back, if not, had to shoot again, untill got yellow. Then 35m if yellow, 5m on... Also I did it with a 60cm target (starting from 15m) and 40cm target (starting from 10m). That was nice and I was motivated to shoot also :))

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