Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Second day

Sundays field was tuffiest field that I have ever shot. All day it was up and down shooting. "best" target was 20m/40cm up 15m and forward like 8m. So the angle had to be like 50-60 up. Went whit 15m mark, and it was okey.. 14 points to that, very happy. Also very happy that day score 335. There was no low scores, but no high scores. All was like 12-16points, with one 10 points...
Now I stay with these arrows and this bow, that I have now. All together 667 points in Vertus, that is good.
Three weeks and then Trier, the field is as tuff as in Vertus, trying to get little better score that Vertus :).

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