Thursday, May 29, 2008

5 Nations, Sunday

Again too late to the competition place, and no warmup shooting.... But, the good news was that they changed the groups so, that I was in the group where was only one recurve shooter and one barebow shooter... And I started with the 5m bunny :)). So much better feeling in the start, and much better score also... First six targets 90, and the second 89, they were all unknown targets, beside the first 5m.. Also the bow worked better in the second day, than in the first?!? Second part was the tuffies course the I have ever shot... But very good practice, now I know which marks to shoot tuff up- and down hills :). So, next six targets 82. And in the end I was little tired (have to workout). Last six were not so good 77... But veeeery happy to the second day score, in that course. Have to tune my bow, cause in 20-25 meter the arrows are going in four left, some reason...
Results 312 and 338, not bad 650..

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