Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Score 561

YES, I did it. New finnish record in 25m, 561 points. Its 2 points more than the last record 559 (Jarmo Hilli, 1993).
What elso to say, the shooting was very good, except coulpe of 7s and few 8s. But other hand I had 32 tens. Thats more than half of the arrows were in the middle, very happy ;).
Its result of lots of practice, and thanks to physic training I did not felt tired in any point of the shooting, that was new feeling. Yellow is enough I said, and it was true. I didn't hunt tens, I knew that the tens comes if they comes. I think, that was the secret to get 3 times 30points :).


Pete said...

You did it :)
Great shooting man!

Aki said...

Congratulations for the new national record! That was very well shot round! :D