Monday, January 19, 2009

Winter field, score 345 + 346

New personal record in field ;). One point more than the last one.. The weather was better than I expected, but still it was cold in the open areas, where the wind could blow. Temperature was about +5, both days. And only little rain in the first day. So very nice winter field conditions.

On saturday I had some problems with measuring and shooting, exept in bunnies. But what else you can expect for the first day in field :). Second day was much better shooting and measuring, but the arrowrest broke again, I noticed it in target 16 :(. So that's why my short marks were off, and to the first bunny I shot 4,4,4..

So I have to start to change the arrowrest every month or so, that it works fine. In barebow the arrow kicks so hard to the arrowrest in short distancies. The rest get tired offen that in recurve.
But it was a nice start for the season.

The results will be in pages in some point. Some photos are allready there..

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