Thursday, July 30, 2009

Final day

I was so nervous in the first tree tarkets, my hand was shaking like hell. I had chance to be in lead in every target, but i had to leave it to the last target. It was a 25m/40cm uphill. I just disided, that this is my best target, and that I can shoot it very good. Even it didin't work in the second day. But I changed my string to the final day, and it worked like hell :) So the Italian started with 4, I was like that now I have a chance, I put there 5 or 6, didn't look, cause it was in yellow. Then Italian put another 4, so i disided to shoot even better, so 6. He shot again 4, and I knew that 4 is enough, so when i saw the yellow, I led it go, and it was a 5 :).

I wasn't so nervous in the last 4 target, cause the medal was sure and I got use to the groud. In the last target we were even with Giuseppe, he shot very nice 5,5,5 and I wasn't able to put even four in the. But I'm more than happy to my SILVER medal.

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