Friday, July 3, 2009

Work accident

I was pealing a electronic cable up in the ladders like in 5 meter, and I cut my left thumb.
Doesn't effect to the shooting, thank god ;).

Today like 130 arrows. No measuring tape, just "guessing" the distance and then 3 arrow. Looking very nice. Can't wait for the Sundays competition. The field is gonna be tuff, so I would be happy to score like 340, then it would be easy to go to World Games.

Tomorrow I will visit the Helsinki with Dirk and Xander, we are gonna go to Suomenlinna and some other tourist places there. Can't wait.

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timppa said...

Huh huh, lopeta työnteko, se on näköjään vaarallista. Onneksi oli vasen käsi...