Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ACE / X7

Second test.
I tought that in the shooting range would be somebody else also shooting, but supprice there was nobody. First started with the ACE arrows shooting some warmup arrows. Then shot 30 arrows score, 282. Changed to X7, score 284. So now its 2-0 to X7 arrows... Also I shot with ACEs 3*8, but with X7 only 1...
And it's fun to shoot with the X7 arrows ;))), I have some motivation to shoot, that's more important than shoot better with those arrows.


dirk said...

Hey Pasi .
Yeah than we can KICK some BUT in the couple shoot in Holland !!!!!!
With your secret weapon they sure wil be afraid of us :))))))


timppa said...

Ok, I also agree. Keep shooting tens with X7, kick some butt in Vaasa!

Anonymous said...

Onnea Vuoden Jousiampujalle!

dirk said...

Congratulations ARCHER OF THE YEAR IN SUOMI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of respect Pasi this title is the recognition of your very good archery buddy !!

With respect ......