Monday, December 7, 2009

Vaasa 5.12.2009

Very nice competition in Vaasa, little grouded but othervise very nice. The brakes were nice and shorts, and the shooting phase felt quick, even we shot in 3 groups.
First quoter was okey 140, second 136. End of that quoter started the difficulties, I couldn't regognice the reason to that. Third was 132, shot there 3*8 in one serial, after that I knew what was wrong. It was my hip that started to turn to left. So I put my hip straight again and started to hit yellow again. Last 5 set 140. Score 276 and 272 makes 548. Little disapointed but 8th place after that from 16 shooters was okey.
Before the man to man round there was a little bigger brake and I just couldn't keep the fealing. I shot 27,27,29 and 28. Just lost two point to Juuso who shot 29,29,27,28. But I was the best of the loosers, so my final place was 9th :).
I was competing in recurve class to get some tuffer opponets. Very good practice to the next season. And the X7 arrows worked very good, man didn't ;)

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