Tuesday, December 1, 2009

X7 inside

Thanks guys for the comments, but ;), I was today shooting with them and it was mutch more fun to shoot with them. Also shot the first half with X7 (30arrows) to score 282 and with the ACEs second half 278.. So, after first trainings winner is X7 :). In our archery hall in Virrat, X7 was easier to aim in the middle. With ACE, the point reflected the light from the roof to the points both sides and the upper part was unvisible.
The shooting style does not change at all, I only have different plunger..

But this is for having something else and fun inside than shooting the same everytime.
And lets see the other shooters faces when they see Barebow with big arrows ;)).

This evening again training, now I'm gonna shoot first with the ACEs (30 arrows) and then with X7. Dirk, lets see Xanders face, when I'm pulling my special weapons in the couple shooting.

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