Sunday, May 30, 2010


Nice field, very technical. Not so deep up and down hills, but had to be very carefull about that the bow was straight. Some very bad targets like couple times 20m 4face uphill. Like 4,4,3's.. Don't know what happened?!? Have to check the 20m next time in the practice field.
I think the best target was today 50m quite level, but normally I have shot the like 11 points, but today it was better, 6,5,5 there and veery happy..
So, more practice and have to practice the uphills, when back in Virrat..
And today was like 15 target uphill and some 2-3 in level, rest 5 maybe downhill. Somethink like that, but defenetly mostly uphill today.

And the score was 326.. with no 1's or 2's, but with 11 of 3's. Only 14 6's, 5's 21.. and rest was 4's like 26..

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dirk said...

nice score pasi !!!! great 50m buddy (good for the final in hungary )widi widi widi !!!