Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So, shooting again after the week in France :).
And I didn't find anything wrong in the bow or the man?!? I shot the 20m to the 60cm target, and all the 10 arrows were in yellow and only one of those in 9. So it looks like the bow or the man just doesn't work in the hot hot hot weather. Why? Maybe I have to take a another trip to some hot hot hot place and start testing that. Lets hope that next year in Hungary, the weather is little less :).

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timppa said...

Sä voitat kuvakisan..... :(
Sun taulukuva 145, mun lippakuva 90. Mun tuuletus Italiaa vastaan 107, sun tölkit otsalla 81.

Ammu keskelle viikonloppuna, mä yritän kans, vaik en osaa.