Monday, August 31, 2009

346 + 351

Very nice weekend in Esch. The shooting was very good and the weather was also nice. Now the shooting was mutch better when I consendrated to the pressure point in my left hand, that it's the same in every shot. Only one very bad target during the two day, first day 50m level. Just couldn't get the arrows even inside the 4, 3,3,2 there :(. And also too many targets that I start with a 6,6 or 6,5 and then I shoot like a 3 or 4. And those targets are in a short range..
But very happy to weekends results. Now the field season is over.
Thank you to all who supported me, and special thanks for the sponsors;
Riku Lahtinen ( my coatch)
Fat Archery
Koillis-Satakunnan Sähkö
And my Family



timppa said...

Very nice FAT pic..... :)

Anonymous said...

it whas a very succesful year also
pasi !!!!
and i think that pic showes my best site :)



Unknown said...

Verry Nice Pasi !

Congratulation for all your results of this year ^^


The Pasi said...

Thank you my friends ;)

Anonymous said...

Would you be so kind to tell me what setup you use?
Bow? Make and balance weight
Limbs?Type and poundage
Arrows? type, spine and length.
Thank you
Ausie Chris