Thursday, August 20, 2009

No final place

The first final track there was lots of up and down hills. I haven't practiced those in three month, so I had to quess the marks, and usually I started with 3. So it was really hard. I try to kick my self, but the normal score was like 5,4,3 or 6,5,2 or so :(. One down hill shot, my string hit my pants, low one. And at the last target, I just couln't hit the targer, even I was fighting to the end. 4,4,2 there :(. Just have to do more fysic training. Only the shooting is not enough..

But the last to BIG competitions has been very hot and tuff. So I'm more than happy that I got the Silver medal at the WORLD GAMES :).

Tomorrow the team finals...


Anonymous said...

Sorry you did not make it to the finals. You were doing well. How hot was it there? From the pictures everyone seemed to suffer in the heat. Keep it up.
Aussie Chris

The Pasi said...

That's life :).

I haven't been in weather like that before. The second day, they said that it was like +37. Yeah it was really hot hot hot. But the weather was same to all, so I can't use it for excuse. Just not enough up and down hill practice, and one stupid misstake..