Sunday, August 23, 2009

Team Finals

It was a very fun experience :). We were almost like a winners, as U can see in THIS picture :).

In warming place we had a 40cm targets in 20m. So the same thing continued than in the elimination day, just couldn't hit the yellow?!? I don't know what is the reason, but I changed the arrowrest again, like in almost every competitions. Maybe I have to start to think to change it. But atleast it helped in all other distance than the 20m, witch was still bad in the team finals.

Now the season is almost over. Next weekend I'm gonna go to 5Nations in Esch (Luxenbourg), atleast for a one day. Just see my archery friends and thank them from the support, that I have had in this season. So it will be a fun shooting :)))


Anonymous said...

you are still a great archer pasi !!!!!
the scores you shoot is the result of good archery and practice buddy.
with respect man !!!!!

The Pasi said...

Thanks DUDE ;)