Sunday, May 16, 2010

First day in Altenkirchener

Woke up at 5 and drove to Altenkirchen like 2,5h (280km). Both days nice weather. It was rained a little on friday, so the field was little wet, but not so slippery that it could be. When I found the place and I looked around I knew that it's not gonna be an easy ride :). Middle of the both hills (red and yellow track) went a nice river what I could hear almost in every target, very nice place. I was put in a 1st group both days so we started the first half with the known distancies. Lyckily after 12 targets, when we shot the unknown targets, the field leveled a bit (thak god).
316 first day. Nice warming, but still it tooked like 12 targets to lear how to shoot the up- and downhills. And also I got some nice tips from Josef Mayer (thanks to him, that second day shot better). Also the weather warmed after midday, so it was mutch nicer to shoot. First half 149, and second 167. Not so happy to that, but learnd a lot how to shoot up and down.
First day score 316. Better than in two week ago, so that was okey..

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