Sunday, May 16, 2010

Second day

Even better weather.. We started to clime to the 1st shooting place from the warming up place. When we get to the 1st pole, I was all wet from the inside, so still have to practice fysics :). But up in the hill I could only see the red pole.. Going closer to the pole and still couldn't se the target.. When I was standing next the red pole I foound the target... It was like 40degree angle down and 45m. No idea witch mark to take. started with 40m mark and it was up.. Took of more and shot like 37,5m mark. still only like 11 points... Very nice target, and the next one was uphill 40m/60cm.
Veery nice start :). So, my shooting was better and I had learned something from the Saturdays shooting, I got the score 337. I'm almost happy to that (okey U are never happy to the scores that U get) but anyway have to be happy to that in that kind of field.
Thanks to Martin Koini, they had put a very nice REAL field up, like Peter Lange in Siegburg, it was a pleasure to shoot :).
Some picture from my camera, there is a final score also to Barebow and Compound..
Last recurve shooters came like 1 hour later that the others..

I think that we are going to have some pictures also in their web page, hope so :).
Two weeks and Theux, next week vacation in France, going to see the Eiffel tower.

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