Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yesterday and today

Yesterday was really tuff to practice. I don't know why, but after like 20 arrows my shoulders were so tired from the shooting?!? Maybe because last week I started to skate with the stick and started to practice little more than before.. But anyway had to concentrate really good to get the arrows to somewhere.. Nice training, 154 arrows and got my distancies to the weekend. It was like +7 and little rain..

Today mutch better training and I wasn't so tired after arrows. Checking my distancies and measuring for the weekends competition in Alterkirchen. Everything is looking mutch better than two weeks ago in Siegburg, where just got 303.. Now really good grouping, after tuning the the grouping :).
Now just wake up at 5 at Saturday morning and nice warmup and shoot a very nicely. I would be happy round 330 score in both days. I think it's gonna be a real fĂ­eld like in Siegbourg (thanks Peter, see U next yeard).

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